To help you:

  • Build consensus
  • Reach common ground
  • Resolve conflicts, grievances or complaints
  • Improve communication
  • Make interpersonal relations more harmonious
  • Resolve disputes without resorting to litigation


My name is Alain Paulin, Chartered Mediator and founder of Sphera Facilitation Inc. I help individuals to overcome their differences, improve communication and strengthen relationships through mediation, facilitation and training.

A mediator since 2005, I build on 30 years of experience in communication, labour relations and conflict resolution. I provide services to:

  • Governmental organizations (municipal, provincial and federal)
  • Educational Institutions
  • Non-governmental organizations and community groups
  • Businesses


To date, I have mediated and facilitated over 150 processes and delivered over 100 training sessions, in English and French, in Canada and abroad.